Even the most attractive and professional website will be ineffective if your Internet customers can’t find it. What is the use of having a website if when someone goes to look for it and it is on page 1000 of the search engine search page? No one will find you, and you won’t receive any traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your site’s ranking in the most popular search engines, so more visitors will be attracted to your site. 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital to any company’s success. Unfortunately, there are many offering SEO services who are not very reputable. I am more than happy to spend time educating potential clients on what SEO is, what I do, and how I will use SEO to boost your company’s bottom line.


I let you know exactly what I am doing. I show you where we start, and I give you continuing progress reports along the way. I am 100% transparent, and believe that business owners have the right to be aware of what their SEO Company is doing to their site. I will even TEACH YOU how we do what I do!


My SEO services are “white hat,” i.e. completely in line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and include the following:



A FREE SEO Website Audit


  • SEO Analysis
  • Meta Tag analysis
  • Rank Check
  • Page Rank Check
  • Keyword Density
  • Key Word Analysis
  • Social Link Audit
  • Key Word suggestions



I don’t touch your site at all without first planning out your complete SEO marketing strategy plan. I believe that you cannot get where you are going without a road map.


To be successful at SEO requires a plan. The first thing I will do is perform in-depth research and formulate a strategic plan to include the following:


  • I will examine your site’s code and create a “to-do” list of recommended coding/programming changes to make the site more search-engine-friendly. And as a fully qualified and capable website designer and developer I can make the necessary changes. If you are redesigning your site or building a new one, I will create a set of “blueprints” for site code and structure to ensure that the new website are built with maximum search-engine-friendliness.


  • I will assess the content on your site and determine what changes should be made in order for search engines to understand it better.
  • I will perform in-depth keyword research to develop a database of several hundred to several thousand targeted SEO key phrases. Each phrase is carefully selected for your site based upon existing search engine performance and a ratio between the popularity and competitiveness of the phrase.
  • Keyword mapping: I will match up each page of your site to one targeted key phrase from your database, and plan for additional pages to be added if necessary.
  • Since new keyword optimized content needs to be generated on a regular basis, we will develop a blogging strategy and editorial calendar (blogging schedule) that will help streamline these efforts.


  • I will generate a link-building plan based upon what is working well for your competitors, as well as research into link opportunities for your particular site, and proven overall link building strategies.
  • I will make a plan for optimization of the company’s Google Maps listing with the goal of improving visibility for regionally-based searches.
  • I will generate a list of existing and potential citations (online phone book listings), as these are a ranking factor for regionally-based searches.
  • Social media is now crucial to SEO success. We will provide specific recommendations for how to use social media to enhance search engine performance.



  • I will document your current search engine performance to establish a baseline for measuring the success of this plan.
  • I will create a list of key metrics that will be used to measure the success of this plan, and make recommendations for additional Google Analytics configurations, custom segments, and custom reports that will enhance the ability to track the KPIs.




 SEO planning results in the recommendation of creating additional site pages that don’t currently exist, and optimizing the copy on those that do exist.

 The copy writing for this can be handled in one big project (in bulk) or it can be addressed incrementally on a monthly basis. Incremental optimization is already included in Phase 2 below. If bulk optimization of copy is desired as a one-time project, the following services are available:



  • OPTION A: Writing of new optimized copy: We will write brand new keyword-optimized copy, per the SEO plan.
  • OPTION B: Optimization of existing/provided site content: We will keyword-optimize the existing website copy (or new copy provided by you) per the SEO plan.
  • OPTION C: Review of in-house optimized copy: You will write AND keyword-optimize website copy per specifications that we provide, then we review for optimization accuracy


  • Implementation of on-page strategy via optimized copy writing: Write new (non-blog) copy per month OR optimize several pages of existing copy per month
  • Optimization of title tags and meta description tags, and application of internal linking, for any new non-blog pages that were added that month.
  • Incremental link and citation building efforts, per strategy
  • Google Local listing optimization & Google Plus Business Page merging (if available)
  • Google Authorship setup & ongoing guidance for enhancing Author Rank
  • Ongoing recommendations for social signal building
  • Blog editorial calendar management (keep topic pipeline full, assist with keyword selection for each article)
  • Blog article optimization

SEO Monthly Reporting, Monitoring, and Analysis

  • I  Don’t  just send you  your Google Analytics printouts. Monthly reporting includes expert analysis and NARRATIVE of what IS working and what IS NOT working and makes recommendations for continuous improvement accordingly.
  • Create the custom reports and custom segments noted in the SEO Strategy Plan
  • Monitor your Webmaster Tools accounts for warnings issued about your site by Google
  • Monthly 30-minute phone consultation (if desired)
  • Monitoring of & responding to changes in search engine behavior (algorithm changes)

SEO Services Pricing

Contact me to discuss your particular SEO needs. If you are located anywhere in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, or the East Valley, an in-person consultation can be arranged.

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